Why do you like Eminem?


why do you breathe?


When they got tired and asked their fans to sing for a bit. 

Official: MBC ‘Star Gazing’ with Henry 140731



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phineas parents divorced when he was just a baby , leaving the his mother with phineas and Candace , a year later she was remaried and had ferb , but he was born with a brain infection and became retarded and that’s the reason why he doesn’t talk alot in the program . but that wasn’t the worst part of the family . despite the fact that phineas was a very hyper boy , Candace always had illusions seeing phineas and ferb building things such as roll coasters , buildings and many other things , since it was all her imagination her mother never had the chance to see it , which is also why in the program the mom never seen the things that Candace saw and since she had no one to talk about it to , she wrote everything in her diary . one day her mother became worried and took her to her therapist dr.doofinschmidt who gave Candace a drug to make her feel better , but unfortunately Candace got addicted to the drug and started talking more than she should of and one night Candace was found dead in her bed with her diary in her hand , after the funeral the mom read the diary and make a program in memory of her ….

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